Multiple Solutions For Multiple Threats

Inventory Control

With Honeywell technology helping you shoulder the burden of inventory management and control, you'll have the freedom to operate your plants with the peace of mind that comes from feeling better informed and being fully protected.

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White Paper: Utility Substations for the Physical Security Requirements of

Regulate Access to Prevent Theft

We provide versatile, reliable and expandable access control panels and hardware to safeguard raw materials and prevent theft of inventory.


Retrieve Recordings Instantly

Honeywell's indoor and outdoor cameras discourage theft and prevent losses by allowing for quick and effective investigations. With specific links to time and location, retrieving high-quality recorded video is practically effortless.


Act Quickly to Avoid Loss

Our intrusion systems help you manage risk by alerting you and the central station to unauthorized entry, fire, floods, and extreme temperature changes—providing the information you need to quickly respond and help avert disaster, downtime or loss and liability claims.


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Innovative Security Installation Arms Remote Power Plant with First Virtual "Iron Dome"

Sunoco trusts Honeywell to secure over 5,000 service stations and more than 10,000 employees across 28 states.