Multiple Solutions For Multiple Threats

Customer/Employee Safety

From petty criminals to terrorists, utilities are prime targets. Ensuring safety requires reducing the risk of incidents that can disrupt normal operations. Honeywell helps ensure that your people, equipment and facilities are protected against events that keep your plant from operating at full capacity.

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White Paper: Utility Substations for the Physical Security Requirements of

Smart Cards for Access Control

Our smart card technology is ideal for utilities installations that have numerous sites. Instead of multiple cards or ID badges that would normally be needed to perform multiple functions, one card can be issued to staff and contractors.


Avoid Liability

With video evidence of an incident or alleged incident, claims can quickly be investigated and verified. Video also allows for proactive evaluation of possible OSHA violations and provides documentation for Human Resources investigations to protect you against potential liabilities.


24/7 Building Monitoring

Our intrusion offering can protect against the deadly threats of fire and carbon monoxide, detect unauthorized entry and provide panic or emergency alerts that can be communicated swiftly to a central station and security personnel.


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Innovative Security Installation Arms Remote Power Plant with First Virtual "Iron Dome"

Sunoco trusts Honeywell to secure over 5,000 service stations and more than 10,000 employees across 28 states.