Minimizing Potential Threats

First Responders

First responders must be armed with as much information as possible so they can make intelligent decisions and take effective action in the case of an emergency. Honeywell provides a complete solution for instant, reliable communication of security events to first responders, port staff, and civilians on port property.

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Mass Notification

Our critical response notification system gives you the ability to automate the process of initiating a response to critical scenarios, ensuring that information reaches people quickly so they can take appropriate action.


Wireless Event Monitoring

For remote monitoring of events, we offer wireless video surveillance that integrates with mobile technologies, allowing police officers and other emergency personnel to view live images from laptops in their vehicles.


Instant Alarm Communications

Asset protection and partitioned arming pinpoints the location of an alarm incident or system fault so you can decide what action to take. Fire and carbon monoxide detection sensors can communicate to the central station and security personnel to help save lives and property.


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The Port Norfolk Commodity Warehouse turned to Honeywell to increase customer service and reduce overhead costs.

Integrated Honeywell system covers land and water perimeters at the Port of Wilmington.

Waterside radar security system provides situational awareness of the waterways at the Port of Miami.