Security From The Inside Out


Honeywell provides you with the information required to improve customer service and increase operational efficiency. We use the latest technology to increase through-put and enhance the checkout experience for your customers. Our solutions for retail control cost by reducing shrinkage and preventing under-rings, sweetheart deals, cash stolen from registers and other fraudulent activities.

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Identify Exceptions Instantly

Video enables you to verify that proper procedures and checks are being performed. By tying the video record to transaction data from cash registers, our IDM solution can help you easily sort exceptions and determine which transactions are genuine and which are suspect.


Call for Help in Emergencies

Honeywell security systems include panic buttons and hold-up switches that can call for help by triggering either a siren or a silent alarm in the event of an emergency.


Instant Age Verification

Age verification can be performed by scanning the bar code on driver's licenses, which reduces the likelihood of fines associated with selling age-restricted products to underage customers.


Faster Checkout

Quick scanning of bar codes shortens checkout transactions and optimizes the number of lanes you have open, which increases revenue. Our area-imaging scanners can automatically populate loyalty and credit card application forms with a single scan of a bar code from the customer's driver's license, ensuring accurate information and increased revenue.


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BP Petroleum looks to Honeywell for upgrade of video systems in the UK from analog to digital.

Honeywell helps Subway franchise reduce false alarms and employee theft.

Honeywell helps Sainsbury's supermarket chain reduce shrinkage caused by theft.