Security From The Inside Out

Loss Prevention

Employee theft and shoplifting are serious problems for the retail industry. Trying to prevent one issue can distract management from controlling the other. Honeywell integrates powerful solutions to help deter and reduce theft while also streamlining administrative efforts.

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Restricted Access

We provide versatile, reliable and scalable access control panels to prevent unauthorized users from entering or exiting the building, or to secure areas like stock rooms—decreasing potential for theft and increasing your margin of recovery.


Retrieve Recordings Easily

By tying your video recordings to transaction data from your cash register, you can discourage theft, reduce shrinkage, and prevent losses. With specific links to time and location, retrieving high-quality recorded video is practically effortless.


Detect Intruders

Honeywell's VISTA security system safeguards your inventory, property and employees against intrusion, fire, and other emergencies. The system can be monitored by a central station 24/7, and offers Total Connect advanced communication that lets you check on your facility remotely at all times.


Pinpoint Packages Instantly

Shipping labels reflect details such as order number, items packed, quantity packed and final destination. By scanning bar codes on incoming and outgoing shipments, you can pinpoint the location of a specific package.


Complete Transactions Efficiently

We offer several scanners that can deactivate electronic article surveillance (EAS) tags. A single scan can simultaneously decode bar codes and deactivate EAS tags—saving time while ensuring accuracy and maximizing security.


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BP Petroleum looks to Honeywell for upgrade of video systems in the UK from analog to digital.

Honeywell helps Subway franchise reduce false alarms and employee theft.

Honeywell helps Sainsbury's supermarket chain reduce shrinkage caused by theft.