Security From The Inside Out

Customer Experience

It's important that your customers feel comfortable about being in your store—because the better they feel, the longer they'll stay. Honeywell can provide you with a full range of data collection technologies that allow customers to fully enjoy their shopping experience, make checkout more efficient, and help your employees be more productive.

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Analyze Customer Data

Using our intelligent data and video analysis tools, you can analyze video to identify specific product placement and traffic flow areas that need improvement, so you can serve your customers more profitably.


Perform Price Checks

Our image kiosks let your customers perform their own price checks and verify gift card balances. The kiosks can also display promotional items and generate additional opportunities for revenue.


Streamline Returns

Returning unwanted items can be a hassle for customers, but our imagers streamline the process by capturing required information with a single scan of a bar code. At the same time, they capture and store images of defective items to make the process less cumbersome for you.


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BP Petroleum looks to Honeywell for upgrade of video systems in the UK from analog to digital.

Honeywell helps Subway franchise reduce false alarms and employee theft.

Honeywell helps Sainsbury's supermarket chain reduce shrinkage caused by theft.