Security From The Inside Out

Customer/Employee Safety

We help you protect your greatest assets—your customers and employees. Any time there's a large amount of cash, there's a large amount of risk for theft and a threat to customer and employee safety. On a daily basis, more cash flows through a retail facility than just about any other type of business, so the need for reliable, integrated security is clear.

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Restrict Access

Our cards and readers can help you secure your store entrance after hours as well as protect employee entrances during the vulnerable times of opening and closing shifts.


View/Record Incidents

To ensure your employees are safe, our video systems monitor and document possible OSHA violations to protect you against liabilities. The recording of an incident or alleged incident allows claims to be investigated and verified quickly.


Receive Instant Alerts

Honeywell security systems include panic buttons and hold-up switches that can call for help by triggering either a siren or a silent alarm and notify the central station or call the proper authorities in the event of an emergency.


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BP Petroleum looks to Honeywell for upgrade of video systems in the UK from analog to digital.

Honeywell helps Subway franchise reduce false alarms and employee theft.

Honeywell helps Sainsbury's supermarket chain reduce shrinkage caused by theft.