Giving You Peace Of Mind

Life Safety

Honeywell has a solution to protect you and your loved ones—wherever you call home. Our complete array of products can be used to protect a full range of residential properties from small to large homes, through multi-unit dwellings and apartment buildings.

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Alerting to Threats

In the case of fire or the presence of carbon monoxide (CO), Honeywell's wireless, smoke, and CO detectors can alert you to evacuate your home and summon emergency authorities 24/7—providing the ultimate protection for your loved ones.


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Carbon Monoxide can kill in minutes, but Honeywell's monitored CO detector offers superior protection.

Total Connect Services let you control your Honeywell security system from an iPhone or iPod Touch®.

Sensors that shatter your expectations.

State-of-the-art communications help you get connected and stay connected.