Securing Mission Critical Sites

Situational Analysis

We take a hands-on approach to understanding the needs of each installation. Honeywell's innovative security systems deliver the required functionality needed to solve the most complex problems for the busiest bases and military installations.

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Perimeter Access Control

Our integrated subsystems can be expanded easily to provide complete security coverage for your site. Data gathered from sensors around your perimeter can be transmitted to the command center using many different communications media.


Detect Suspicious Behavior

Our video analytics automatically monitors video for people, vehicles, objects, and their associated behavior within a camera view. By detecting suspicious behavior without the need for human supervision, this powerful capability enhances situational awareness of manned and unmanned operations 24/7.


Detect Intruders

Our intrusion detection solutions can protect secured areas within your facility—ideal for partial arming of a site to safeguard closed or unused areas while allowing free use of occupied areas.


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