life sciences

Controlling Who Comes In And What Goes Out

Lab/Warehouse Monitoring

Honeywell's analytics and convergence solutions unburden your staff by automating many manual tasks, allowing your people to do what they do best. Access control and smart card solutions track employees, contractors and visitors as well as limit access to laboratories and specialized facilities.

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Electronic Access Control

Many lab environments control entrances via electronic access control or lock and key, which are subject to human error. Honeywell's area manager system enables lab managers to protect their facilities without constant support from security personnel.


24/7 Building Monitoring

Continual monitoring is a key security component for any life science facility. Our IP-based digital video systems provide remote monitoring for offices, labs, hallways, parking lots, and more.


Intrusion Detection Sensors

Our security system and intrusion sensors can monitor labs and computer server rooms for theft, extreme temperatures and floods. Spotting dangers quickly helps avert loss and liability claims.


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