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Controlling Who Comes In And What Goes Out

Global Command & Control

To help you maintain high productivity, Honeywell provides technologies that help you make intelligent decisions and take action when necessary. Our IP-based video management system lets you manage an enterprise-wide security system from a central location while maintaining local autonomy.

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Restrict Clean Room Access

Our area manager solution enables clean room and laboratory managers to provide world-class bio-security with minimal support from security staff. It lets you ensure the viability of products or subjects by managing access into labs and clean rooms.


Command & Control

Our IP-based security management system gives you superior access control with a wide range of video capabilities. It provides you with a feature-rich and user-friendly interface to view multiple video sources from a single monitor.


24/7 Remote Monitoring

Honeywell equips you with products that protect your facility 24/7. Your sites can be monitored by a central station round-the-clock to safeguard against burglary, vandalism, flooding, temperature extremes, or other emergencies.


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Novartis integrates security to manage an enormous amount of information from a single location.