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Controlling Who Comes In And What Goes Out

Asset Tracking/Management

Any theft of data or property, vandalism, or threats to staff can lead to critical downtime. From alarm management to video surveillance to access control, Honeywell's security solutions help you take a proactive approach to protect your investments and assets.

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"One Card" Access

Our smart card technology is ideal for sensitive biopharma or life science sites. Instead of numerous cards or ID badges that would normally be needed to access different areas, one card can be issued to staff and contractors.


Protect Assets Wirelessly

Video surveillance can help you protect your assets. Honeywell's indoor and outdoor cameras keep a watchful eye on your property and identify those who attempt to trespass, steal or damage anything.


24/7 Video Recording

Our wireless asset protection devices attach to computers or other high value portable lab equipment to protect against theft.


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