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Honeywell's powerful security solutions help deter and reduce theft. Our products are designed to work seamlessly with many systems from other manufacturers to help you fight burglary and employee theft, reducing the loss of raw materials and finished goods that diminish profits and negatively impact your bottom line.

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Scalable Access Control

We provide versatile, reliable and expandable access control panels and hardware to prevent theft of inventory and increase your margin of recovery—and we give you the flexibility to program and manage your system using an integrated web browser or through traditional PC-based access control software.


Retrieve Recordings Easily

Our video solutions discourage theft, reduce shrinkage and prevent losses. Our next generation data monitoring systems offer data mining capabilities that allow complete integration of transaction data with video to make retrieving high-quality recorded video practically effortless.


Protect Assets Wirelessly

Your sites can be monitored 24/7 by a central station to proactively protect against burglary, vandalism, flooding, temperature extremes, or other emergencies. Our wireless asset protection devices help avert theft by affixing to any valuable object within your facility and alerting you when movement is sensed.


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Geismar Specialty Materials Facility takes a holistic approach to security and process operations.