Solutions That Maximize Your Productivity

Building Security

We help you manage your resources and proactively protect your property, whatever size your facilities may be or wherever they're located. Our systems can monitor what goes on in and around your plants so you can focus on everyday operations while maximizing productivity.

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Smart Card Access

Our cards, readers, and other innovative access control solutions integrate the most advanced security technologies such as biometrics with powerful networking capabilities to create full-featured security.


Record Video Details

Honeywell indoor and outdoor cameras can be installed throughout your buildings and watch virtually your entire site. We can help your IT department design an integrated IP surveillance solution, and work with your security staff to create a state-of-the-art command & control center.


Remote Communications

Your sites can be monitored 24/7 by a central station to protect against burglary, vandalism, flooding, temperature extremes, or other emergencies. Additionally, our security systems' remote services and multi-site solution lets you view and manage multiple locations with one log-in.


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Geismar Specialty Materials Facility takes a holistic approach to security and process operations.