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Asset/Inventory Management

Honeywell helps you implement a holistic approach to the needs of asset management and inventory control so you'll be able to operate your plants with the assurance that your facilities are being fully protected.

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Scalable Access Control

We provide versatile, reliable and expandable access control panels and hardware to prevent theft of inventory and increase your margin of recovery.


Detect Suspicious Behavior

Video surveillance deters theft, reduces shrinkage, and prevents losses by allowing for quick and effective investigations. Intelligent video analytics can detect abnormal or suspicious behavior without the need for human supervision to enhance manned and unmanned surveillance 24/7.


Protect Assets Wirelessly

Our wireless asset protection devices guard against theft of computers, equipment and other valuable objects when integrated with Total Connect remote services. They send alerts to your computer or other mobile device to give you the information you need to act quickly.


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Geismar Specialty Materials Facility takes a holistic approach to security and process operations.