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Redefining Patient And Facility Security

Compliance with JACHO/HIPAA

Managing myriad federal, state and local government regulations can be a challenge. Honeywell can help you remain compliant with complex regulations such as JACHO, HIPAA and others.

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Produce Detailed Reports

For comprehensive compliance reporting that helps you better analyze your operations, our security management systems store cardholder information, hardware information and transaction history for detailed system-wide reporting.


Analyze Operations

Our intelligent video analytics collects valuable business data that may otherwise never be fully utilized. It lets you perform statistical analysis of people or traffic patterns, retrieve images of those people or vehicles instantly, and configure custom reports using that data.


Safeguard Sensitive Areas

Honeywell's entry-management systems can help protect patient privacy by restricting access to areas containing medical records and sensitive information to ensure you're HIPAA compliant.


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Integrated system centralizes and streamlines security operations for Norton Healthcare.

Comprehensive security for patient care at Ulster Hospital.

Integrated security management system offers flexibility for Jersey Shore University Medical Center