Protecting People, Places, and Perimeters

Situational Analysis

Government users have some of the most demanding requirements for electronic security. The goals of these security systems often include protecting irreplaceable assets, political dignitaries, and historic places and artifacts. Because system failure is not an option, reliability and fault-tolerance are of the utmost importance.

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Manage Security Operations Effectively

Every day, your security officers must monitor the highest potential for risk. Honeywell provides solutions that can enable security professionals to make better decisions and react faster to events, which increases security and enhances operational efficiencies.


Detect Suspicious Activity

Our video analytics enables enhanced security and video surveillance by automatically monitoring video for specific people, vehicles, objects, and their associated behavior within a camera view to detect abnormal or suspicious behavior without constant human supervision.


Secure Sensitive Areas

Our intrusion detection solutions can protect secured areas within your facility—ideal for partial arming of a site to safeguard closed or unused areas while allowing free use of occupied areas.


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Proactive protection outfits new city hall in Corona, California with access and alarm capabilities.

City of Pasadena secures public facilities and reduces costs with Honeywell.