Protecting People, Places, and Perimeters

HSPD-12 Compliance

HSPD-12 mandated the establishment of a standard for identification of federal employees and contractors. It requires the use of a common identification credential for both logical and physical access to federally controlled facilities and information systems. Honeywell's security solutions are certified by a variety of organizations to serve applications across the government.

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Improved Operations Analysis

For comprehensive compliance reporting that helps you better analyze your operations, our security management systems store cardholder data, hardware information and transaction history for detailed system-wide reporting.


Viewing Access Control Points

To help you meet HSPD-12, we provide innovative video surveillance that integrates seamlessly with smart card readers to give you greater convenience as well as tighter security.


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Proactive protection outfits new city hall in Corona, California with access and alarm capabilities.

City of Pasadena secures public facilities and reduces costs with Honeywell.