When It Comes To Security, You Need A Sure Win

Food & Beverage

Our retail solutions control costs by reducing shrinkage and preventing under-rings, sweetheart deals, cash stolen from registers and other fraudulent activities. Honeywell can also save you money by providing state-of-the-art scanners and mobile computers that help you streamline operations. You'll keep costs down by not being forced to invest in all new hardware.

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Your needs, our solutions

Audit Trail Tracking

We can replace unreliable lock & key systems that integrate video with access control to leave an audit trail—so you can tell who's been in a food locker or storage closet.


Point-of-Sale Security

Honeywell's IDM integrates video surveillance with data from cash registers to make the checkout process more accurate for your staff and faster for your customers.


Monitor Sensitive Areas

Our intelligent flood/extreme temperature monitoring sensors let you know if a freezer fails or there's a water leak somewhere, before expensive damage occurs—a solution that can save you money and keep your business running.


Faster Checkout

Scanning items ensures pricing accuracy, and scanning shortens the checkout time of each transaction. We offer a full range of laser scanners and area imagers that improve checkout productivity and enhance customer service.