When It Comes To Security, You Need A Sure Win

Cash Cage/Count Room

Any time there's a large amount of cash, there's a large amount of risk for theft and threat to customer and employee safety. On a daily basis, more cash flows through a gaming facility than just about any other type of business, so the need for a reliable security solution is clear.

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Your needs, our solutions

Maintain "2-Man Rule"

Our systems for maintaining the two-man rule for your cash count areas integrate access control and video to help you manage people entering and leaving sensitive areas.


Detect Suspicious Behavior

Our Active Alert video analytics integrate with your video surveillance system to alert you of suspicious behavior and prevent theft of cash.


Reliable Panic Devices

Wireless asset protection guards against theft of computers or high value objects such as expensive art, flat screen monitors, projectors, ATMs, gaming machines, or other items that are not to be moved.