Challenging Times Call For Uncompromising Solutions

Staff & Student Safety

In addition to facing traditional security threats of vandalism, theft and violence, campus administrators and security personnel deal with threats that escalate into crisis events. Honeywell can provide your staff and administration the ability to offer "shelter in place" with one action that allows emergency personnel to view live video remotely and respond more effectively.

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"One Card" Access

Our smart card technology is ideal for campuses with numerous buildings. Instead of multiple cards or ID badges that would normally be needed to perform multiple functions, one card can be issued to faculty, staff, students and visitors.


Monitor Discreet Areas

Our IP-based digital video systems provide remote monitoring for classrooms, hallways, residence halls, administrative offices, parking lots, walkways, and more.


Public Area Security

Honeywell's VISTA security system can detect intrusion and other emergencies in classrooms, dorms and public areas. VISTA is monitored 24/7 by a central station and can be managed remotely from a PC or mobile device. In addition, wireless panic devices such as carbon monoxide and smoke detectors can be integrated to provide emergency life safety solutions.


Mass Communication

The REACT integration with Pro-Watch provides instant, reliable communication of security events to first responders, staff, students, and parents. Because messages can be tailored for each event, you can be certain that each audience receives the information relevant to them.


Scan ID Badges

Our scanners and mobile computers can quickly scan bar codes on ID badges to grant access to restricted areas. We offer a variety of scanning solutions to meet the needs of different buildings on your campus.


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