Challenging Times Call For Uncompromising Solutions

Exterior Public Areas

In addition to classrooms, administrative offices, residence halls, libraries and other interior spaces, you must also protect external public areas such as stadiums, track facilities, sports fields, parking lots and walkways. We provide flexible protection that easily expands in the future as your student body grows.

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Vandal-proof Readers

Our card readers offer superb reliability and consistent read range. We offer optical tamper and vandal-proof rugged hardware to prevent unauthorized users from removing the reader from the wall or attempting to compromise the system.


Analyze and Restrict Areas

Honeywell's intelligent video analytics automatically detect, analyze, track and classify the behaviors of people and vehicles. Active Alert can help you control restricted areas and detect suspicious behaviors that may be precursors to potentially dangerous situations.


Protect Assets Wirelessly

You can protect exterior spaces with advanced wireless outdoor motion detectors and gate sensors.


Monitor Activity from Vehicle

We have wireless video surveillance that integrates with mobile technologies, allowing police officers to view live images from laptops in their cars for remote monitoring of events.


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