Reliability Is A Must, Not An Option

Situational Awareness

The best way to secure an airport of any size is not by reacting to incidents after the fact or by jumping on the latest trend, but by taking a hands-on approach to understanding the needs of each facility. Honeywell's critical infrastructure solutions deliver the required functionality needed to solve the toughest problems for the busiest hubs.

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Perimeter Protection

We offer integrated subsystems that can be expanded easily to provide complete security coverage for your particular location. Data gathered from sensors around your perimeter can be transmitted to the command & control center using many different communications media.


Custom Security Applications

We have created both standalone and integrated video surveillance applications for our customers at airports across the world, ranging from small systems to large digital video recording systems.


Alarm Detection

Honeywell offers highly secure alarm communications transport to ensure vital emergency signals get through. Our intrusion detection technologies can protect secured areas within your facility—ideal for partial arming of a site to safeguard closed or unused areas while allowing free use of occupied areas.


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Sophisticated Honeywell surveillance system protects George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Philadelphia Airport looks to Honeywell for customization to blend legacy devices with new software.

Honeywell solution at Morristown Airport includes IP-based video, as well as card access control.