Reliability Is A Must, Not An Option

Retail Effectiveness

Not only are you dedicated to transporting people and cargo around the world, we know that airports can be highly sophisticated retail outlets. Securing inventory from theft and ensuring that every transaction is complete and legitimate is essential. From video surveillance to alarms to point-of-sale exception alerts, our integrated solutions reduce shrinkage, protect assets and drive profitability.

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Increase Store Profitability

To complement your strategically-placed cameras that fight shrinkage, we offer intelligent data and video analysis tools that let you analyze video to identify product placement and traffic flow areas that need improvement, allowing you to serve your customers more profitably.


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Sophisticated Honeywell surveillance system protects George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Philadelphia Airport looks to Honeywell for customization to blend legacy devices with new software.

Honeywell solution at Morristown Airport includes IP-based video, as well as card access control.